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Lyle Style uses only fresh natural ingredients in their products. We don’t use emulsifiers, food colorings, or thickeners in our products.

Lyle Style Bloody Mary Mix - Mild

Lyle Style Bloody Mary – Mild

Lyle Style Bloody Mary mix is handmade with the finest all natural ingredients.  Fresh Garlic, celery, onion, lemon and lime juice give you a quality drink every time.  Lyle Style gives you  that fresh and natural homemade taste.

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Lyle Style Bloody Mary – Hot & Spicy

Lyle Style Hot and Spicy offers the same fine array of natural ingredients along with fresh horseradish and some extra spice for a little extra “zing”!

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Lyle Style Margarita Mix 

Enjoy a refreshing Lyle Style Margarita made with fresh lime juice.  We left out the citric acid, the corn syrup and the blue dye number 4 . Lyle Style Margarita’s are sweetened with Stevia, a natural sugar from a plant for a guilt free Margarita with no calories and no carbohydrates.

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